Can't delete an invalid Paging/Intercom grouping

During the creation of the paging/intercom group, I used #1 as the Paging Extension. Now I cannot load this group to delete it. Each time I click on it, it takes me to a page similar to the overview page. How can I remove it if I can’t access it?

What software, what version, how was it installed?

Thanks for reply. This is a FreePBX Distro install. Running version 5.211 and Asterisk 11.

I added the Paging group via the web interface but put in “#1” as the extension instead of just “1”.

The URL will show http://x.x.x.x/admin/config.php?display=paging&extdisplay=#1&action=modify but the detail will not show.

Yeah that’s an oopsie. Do you know how to edit databases? I would just use MySQL workbench, pull in the AsteriskDB and have at it. The paging table only has one layer

I do know how to edit the mysql database. What table am I looking for? If I edit that table, do I need to edit any other tables?

Before delving into MySQL, a little slight of hand may suffice. Change the # character in the URL to its url-encoded equivalent which would be “%23” (without the quotes), so your new URL becomes:


You will get an error which you will have to override, but otherwise it appears to work. Strongly suggest you file a bug report at to prevent someone else from going thru this.

Thank you Igaetz for the solution. I will try that. Definitely much easier than diving into mysql. I have also submitted a bug report. Thank you both for helping.