Can't Delete a Conference

I have a Conference (I guess it’s a meetme thing) that I can’t delete using the FreePBX panels. I actually have 3 Conferences defined via the panels in FreePBX on my Trixbox system. The latest two, give me no problem, but the older test conference doesn’t seem to want to play ball.

If I go to FreePBX (, and Select Conferences on the Setup Screen, I go to the “Add Conference” panel with no problems and it lists my 3 defined conferences with no problem.

*  Add Conference
* 0:General Test Conference
* 501:501
* 502:502

I can select 501 and 502 with no problem, but when I select conference 0, it doesn’t select it, nothing happens, ergo I can’t delete it using the panels. I see that part of the definition for the Conference is in meetme_additional.conf, but since the entire definition isn’t there, I didn’t want to just delete the line for the extraneous conference.

Should be easy to delete from the files if I knew which other files hold information.


file a bug report, there’s probably and issue with it being ‘0’ that needs to be sorted out.

hmm - a quick glance at the code doesn’t look like it should be having a problem deleting a conference with extension 0? Maybe someone else can try to make a conference room 0 and see if they have an issue deleting it.