Can't create new extensions?

All of the suddent FreePBX ( won’t let me create any new extensions.

I go to the Extensions tab, click to create a new extension. Step thru the “Add SIP Extension” form and at the bottom I click “Submit”. It takes me right back to the “Add an Extension” screen (as expected) and shows the list of extensions (about 50) on the right side…but the new one isn’t there. No “Apply configuration changes” prompt at the top either.

It’s as if the “Submit” button was just a “cancel” button. No errors, nothing.

I checked sip_additional.conf and sure enough my new extension doesn’t appear there either. Checked the permissions on sip_additional.conf. It’s owned by Asterisk and has 666 permissions.

We’ve rebooted the server (not always by choice - power outage) a couple of times in the last few days but the problem has persisted for at least a week.

Any ideas why this suddenly stopped working?

Never mind…a little investigation revealed that we had a Ring Group with the same extension. Would be nice if FreePBX would have thrown some kind of error like “Extension Conflict” or “Extension already in use” rather than just silently failing. Would have set us about looking for that issue sooner.

In any event, it’s working now.

Even if it is a little embarrassing, it will give others a place to look and sure enough someone will do the same thing.

Thanks for posting the solution! As blanchae predicted above, I just made the same mistake – 18 months after you did – and your post surely saved me some aggravation!

Eugene, thank you for posting the solution and also thank you for the suggestion (I hope the developers can get this done).

I was driving myself crazy about this forever!

I tried adding an extension that was already in use on FreePBX Distro version and it displays a message that the extension is in use.