Can't create an extension thinks the user/extension is already there

I have an extension that was deleted, Now I’m trying to use that extension for a different user. The UI thinks the user of the extension that was deleted still exists.

How do I handle this?

Users and Extensions are largely independent. Call you provide a little more context? Also, version numbers would probably not hurt.

I’m in the default user = exten. mode.

So I go to create the eXtension, its a pjsip type.

The extension was a previous user that has been deleted.

It has the extension grayed with the previous users name when you hover over the “warning triangle” Like its in use.

I’m on the latest version FreePBX

I tried https://host/admin/config.php?display=extensions&action=resetall,

But it didn’t fix the issue as well.

Looks like if I went in changed another extension and submitted and applied change it will now let me add the other extension.

maybe the other user didn’t do a apply changes? not sure.

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