Can't create an extension thinks the user/extension is already there

(Dan S) #1

I have an extension that was deleted, Now I’m trying to use that extension for a different user. The UI thinks the user of the extension that was deleted still exists.

How do I handle this?

(Dave Burgess) #2

Users and Extensions are largely independent. Call you provide a little more context? Also, version numbers would probably not hurt.

(Dan S) #3

I’m in the default user = exten. mode.

So I go to create the eXtension, its a pjsip type.

The extension was a previous user that has been deleted.

It has the extension grayed with the previous users name when you hover over the “warning triangle” Like its in use.

(Dan S) #4

I’m on the latest version FreePBX

(Dan S) #5

I tried https://host/admin/config.php?display=extensions&action=resetall,

But it didn’t fix the issue as well.

(Dan S) #6

Looks like if I went in changed another extension and submitted and applied change it will now let me add the other extension.

maybe the other user didn’t do a apply changes? not sure.