Can't connect to Asterisk Manager Portal


I have changed some default password and now I have errors coming up when try to reload config, nor I can apply them. I no longer have the Extension link functional it shows in Freepbx but I cannot click on it. I also get a error at the status panel that says retrieve_conf failed config not applied. I also get Asterisk manager connection failure.

This is what I get my I apply config from the red bar. I saw the other forum but it doesn’t apply to me the other errors. I put all the default passwords back and still no luck. What can I do to make this work?
THank you in advance.


exit: 1

Checking for PEAR DB…OK
Checking for PEAR Console::Getopt…OK
Checking for /etc/amportal.conf …OK
Bootstrapping /etc/amportal.conf …OK
Parsing /etc/amportal.conf …OK
Parsing /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf …OK
Connecting to database…OK
Connecting to Asterisk manager interface…FAILED
[FATAL] Asterisk Manager Connection Failure Failed to connect to the Asterisk manager through port: 5038

1 error(s) occured, you should view the notification log on the dashboard or main screen to check for more details.

I figured out how to bring asterisk manager backup. From the command line I resetted all passwords from scratch did an amportal restart and everything backup and running,