Can't connect SIP Trunk using Asterisk 2.10

We want to create a small VoIP network. After configuring the switch, router, windows server, asterisk server and the desk-phone extensions in each side we cant connect to the other group desk-phone. The network is composing of two router two switches 2 desk-phone SIP compatibles and 2 servers: Components: ASTERISK 2.10 Server FREEPBX 2.10 Windows server 2008 R2 Server CISCO Switch CATALYST 2950 SERIES IOS 12.1 Router cisco 1760 Aastra 9143i(desk-phones) We can ping the desk phone from the servers but when I try adding a computer to the same port cant do the ping. Note: the server have static IP. I create a pdf with all the information of this project so in this way any of you can verify the configuration of the different components.

Maybe a diagram of the network would be helpful. It’s also not clear to me what your question is or what you mean by “adding a computer to the same port” and what ping (from where to where) is not working.

More than likely the ports you are plugging into aren’t in VLAN 20.

This is really the hard/unmanageable way to do it. Why not have the ports look like this:

inte g11/11
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk encap dot1q
switchport trunk native vlan 1
spanning-tree portfast

Then let the phones decap the voice VLAN by setting the phone to vlan enable and vlan ID 20?

That way you can plug a PC or a phone into any port

Pay attention to the duplex mismatch errors, half-duplex and or collisions wreak havoc with Voice Quality.

My question is why i can’t connect to the other desk-phone using a SIP Trunk. What I trying to explain in the Note section is that I see that connecting a computer to the ethernet cable that is connected to the Windows or Asterisk server can’t send succesful ping to the other asterisk server, but i can ping if i connect the windows server using the same ethernet cable and port.

For Information about configuration I please check this pdf:

For a look of the diagram of the network please check this pdf:

ok let me check that SkykingOH