Can't connect Mittel 6930 to FreePBX


I’m having trouble connecting Mittel 6930 phones to my FreePBX. Looks like I have some settings wrong? Is there anyone who successfully connected Mittel phones to a FreePBX and can send me the right settings? This is what I have now:

Thanks in advance for your help!

What issue are you having exactly?

It won’t connect to FreePBX. I get an error on the admin page as shown in the first pic, see SIP Status. 408.

The 408 indicates that the device received no response to its registration requests.
Probing that address from here, there is a valid response from “JvDServicesPBX”.


If this PBX is local to your site, your router/firewall may not handle ‘hairpinning’ correctly; use the private LAN address of the PBX instead of the 162 public IP.

A previous request with e.g., wrong password, may have caused your IP address to be banned by fail2ban – check under Intrusion Detection tab for FreePBX Firewall.

If you still have trouble, check whether registration attempts appear in sngrep. If yes, check FreePBX firewall settings. If no, check network settings, capture traffic leaving phone, etc.

Well, somehow it magically started working… No idea why!