Cant connect cellphone remotely through Sip (Asterisk 11.1.2, Green, incred 11.1.2 VirtualBox)

Cellphone connecting through sip and cant get access to server. However, I can always get connection with wifi. Please advise

Also, is the G729 Codec great for use on cellphone? if so, please tell me how to do this as well.

Im new to Linux and PBX so please give NEWB friendly answers .

Much appreciate!

Many Cell Phone providers will deny you SIP connections over their network (for obvious reasons). All cell phones only use gsm so g729 is probably not a productive thing to do.

ok, thanks!

So no g729 :slight_smile: How can I go about connecting remotely? I’ve read that some people was success.

That will depend totally on your carrier, most just deny any form of SIP on their network (for obvious reasons :wink: ), maybe IAX2 will slip by them. . .