Can't cancel voicemail + strange

I have a new phone server which is doing something I can’t quite understand…

I want to have the receptionist’s phone transfer to IVR if she doesn’t answer it for x number of seconds.

NO PROBLEM, I do this all the time, just set the Optional destinations at the bottom of the extension setup.
BUT IT DOESN’T work…>!?

For some reason, her phone always rolls to voicemail on no answer… even though I have set it to roll to IVR.

Things I have tried:

  1. test with another extension… same issue

  2. Disable voicemail for her extension - IT STILL ROLLS TO VOICEMAIL if no answer

  3. Set optional destination to go to the Directory – still rolls to voicemail if no answer (#@)

  4. set optional destination to go to a dummy extension - (dummy extension rolls to IVR) - but calls to the reception still roll to voicemail on no answer

  5. Set all incoming calls route to IVR - IVR works fine

extensions_additional.conf: shows correctly:
exten => 5414,n,GotoIf($["${DIALSTATUS}"=“NOANSWER”]?ivr-5,s,1)

I know that one of my guys installed isymphonyv3 and a couple of other user manager things from extended repo in module administration, but I’ve uninstalled those and rebooted but still not JOY/

any ideas?

Asterisk 11.11 on Centos6
freepbx 2.11.04

Logs would be very helpful.

I suspect that it was related to the installation of iSymphony or some other user management utility from the module admin, but I since I couldn’t put any more time into it, i reinstalled from the ISO and it’s fine now.