Can't call paging group

Asterisk (Ver. 11.10.0)
I have version of the paging module installed (current as of this posting).
I’ve setup a paging group with a few extensions, but when I call the group it says “Your call can not be completed as dialed”.
Everything else on the system seams to be running fine. I can call ext. to ext. I can dial *80ext & intercom on any of the phones, just the paging group doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

Have you figured out the issue? Also is this Polycom, I know I am having the same exact issue with Polycom 330 phones

No I haven’t resolved the issue & no it’s not a Polycom.

It sounds like a dial plan issue, insure your plan includes the sequence you need to use.

Its unfortunately not a dial plan issue, the phone does ring on the other end on a group page but then it hangs up. So the dial plan did match up the dial pattern. On the newer software Polycom supports Multicast Paging, which basically bypasses Freepbx all together, but i would like to create paging groups through Freepbx