Can't Call Out

I have searched online for hours so now I’m reaching out on the forums.
I can’t call out with my phones, even it says my trunks are online and registered. I can call internal extensions. I will put as much information below as I can to help solve this problem.

I am using Cisco 7960 SIP phones. Those can call each other and are connected to the TFTP server. (I can change text on the screens.) The server is only a couple weeks old, I went with a fresh install. The server version is The trunks (on the FreePBX system status page) show up as being online and registered. It shows both IP phones as being online. I am behind a pfSense router that has been configured correctly for use with FreePBX. I spent many hours on google and found out how to set up the router for use with IP phones. I ran debugging diagnostics, which helped to solve many errors. The latest error I get and can’t get rid of is when I make a call, it shows up as saying ERROR:proxy.c:706 proxy_response: list_get via failed
I have called my phone service provider (Gafachi) many times to ensure that I have everything configured correctly. Something tells me that this error is caused by incorrect router setup, yet I can’t find what is wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!