Cant call out or in

i have installed latest version on two machines. From one of the machines i can not make inbound or outbound calls even though both machines seem to have identical setup as f as i can tell.

Any ideas where to look?

I can make internal calls from the ‘bad’ machine , between extensions i mean.

Would love to help you but the lack of details makes it impossible (yes you know them but nobody else does). You have something miss-configured.

Please when posting a question post the details and don’t say I have the latest, as it begs the question, Latest of what? Down the road when somebody finds this message months from now the latest of what ever will no longer be the latest and it is useless to others who read forum messages looking for solutions before posting a question. If I said I can’t get to work because car hasa problem but it’s the latest, does that help you to help me?

Please see:

When we have something to go on we can help.