Cant call or receive call - Openvox analog card

I have Openvox analog card with connected analog POTS lines and analog phones. I setup it like on Wiki, but I cant call on this lines and recieve calls to POTS lines.

I can only call trough VOIP using my analog phones.

Also I dont understand how to call internal numbers?

Thank you for any help.

OK, I found out how to call inernal numbers, its different from my old analog PBX.I need just type in extension.

But I still cant make calls to my POTS number and from my POTS line.
Not sure what I am missing here.

What happens when you call out?
What happens when you call in?

Thank you for reply. Last days I could not work on this but today I tried to reinstall one more time (I have now Ubuntu 12.04.) and I still have same problem.

When I callout I get this sound:

When I callin, on phone I have classic signal but nothing rings.

I guess I something missing.

To setup Openvox card and Freepbx I combined this two guides:

Thank you.

What OpenVOX card are you using? Mine is an A400P. I scrapped AsteriskNOW to try the FreePBX Distro as I can get back to the same point quite quickly now with the config files so within about 30 mins I am back to where I am currently.


I have A1200P. I tried few more solutions but still no luck.

Ok, I will have a look to see if I can find anything.

Have you got this working yet greenfrog? Have you set up your inbound call route? The outbound one is a little more tricky to get right, but I’ve managed to get both inbound and outbound working, albeit with a slight echo.