Can't call inbound or outbound

This morning calls suddenly stopped coming in to my FreePBX box, I just get three beeps on the inbound call and a hangup. Outbound stopped working as well. When I call out bound I get “all lines are busy”. I can dial extensions within the system and also into voice mail. I’m wondering if the problem is with the trunk line (a FreePBX trunk) and not my box, but don’t know how to find out where the problem is if it’s the trunk line. I emailed FreePBX support this morning, but no response yet. Any thoughts on this?

Have you tried testing with a SIP trunk from another service provider?

Have you tried looking at the CDR to see if the calls are reaching your PBX?

SIPstation finally got back to me that they had shut my trunk line down for overusage, but no details. So I wasn’t crazy thinking that the problem wasn’t with my trixbox. But I may be crazy to think that an unlimited trunk line could be shut down for high usage. And my usage isn’t really that high, I thought. I’m just a small company getting 10-20 phone calls per day mostly for taking orders. You can imagine I’m a bit upset that my phone system got shut down with no warning for a problem I can’t imagine even existed. Haven’t discussed this personally with them, but am waiting for further information. Good think I have a comcast line I can use as a backup until this is resolved otherwise I’d be loosing a lot of business every day.