Cant call 13xx and freecall numbers FreePBX 13

I have just switched from Elastix 3 to FreePBX 13, but I am having issues calling 13xx and freecall numbers, when I call I just get silence. I have a very simple outgoing root with just a . as the dial pattern, all local and national numbers work apart from that.

I don’t have any issues using Elastix so it is not the provider, in fact I have the same issue with Nodephone and Engin SIP Trunk on FreePBX, I have built 3 FreePBX exchanges and all do the same thing.

All FreePBX installs have all the latest yum updates and modules updates.

I am using pjsip for the trunk and pjsip extensions (Yealink phones T48G)

To be specific can call 131423 but cant call 1300100100

I figured it out, it was firewall rules stopping it, I would have thought that if it worked for 1 number it should have worked for all numbers, but apparently not, many thanks for your time.