Can't assign lines created via Bulk Extensions in OSS Endpoint Device List

It seems that if I create any extensions using the Bulk Extension application, and then try to assign that extension to a device via OSS Endpoint Devices, OSS Endpoint Devices will throw a “Error Returned From Provisioner Library: No Line Data Defined!” even though it seems to create the device entry with the proper line data. If you try to edit that device however, the line data is missing. It then does not generate the config files for the device. If I manually create an extension I can add it without issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Manually create an extension.
  2. Go to bulk extensions and export the extension list
  3. Delete the manually created extension
  4. Modify the exported extension list so that it only contains the previous extension, and set the action to add
  5. Bulk import the csv
  6. Attempt to assign the extension to a phone using OSS Endpoint Devices, will throw “No Line Data Defined!” error.

Did you ever receive a response? I am experiencing the same error in the OSS Endpoint Device List wherein under the “Current Managed Extensions” it shows the Line and Extension info for the MAC items. But, if you go to edit a device (ie click on pencil icon), line and extension info does not appear.

Also, selecting one of the devices (ie check in box) and then clicking on “Rebuild Configs for Selected Phones” returns “Error Returned From Provisioner Library: No Line Data Defined!”

Phones appear to be working (receiving/making calls). You just can’t update firmware/configs, etc.

We are preparing a box for migration. PBX Firmware 5.211.65-7, SP1. OSS PBX End Point Manager Asterisk 11.8.0