Can't answer Polycom with expansion module

Hi guys,

I’ve got a weird situation on a site with a handful of Polycom VVX500 phones, two of which have sidecars. A ring group is set up to ring all phones, but one of the sidecar phones can’t pick up the incoming call. It’s as if the extension were idle - picking up the handset or engaging the speakerphone just gives a dial tone. If that extension is called directly, I can answer it as normal - it’s only an issue with the ring group.

And here’s the kicker, when the order of the extensions in the ring group is changed, such that the non-answerable phone is put at the top of the list, now it can answer calls, but now the other extension with sidecar can’t.

All of the extensions are monitored on the sidecars, and I’m thinking it has something to do with the way the calls coming into the other extensions are showing up on the display “before” the call to the extension in question. I haven’t yet found anything in the provisioning file that might affect it.

Any ideas?


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