Can't add new endpoints - Unable to load config phoneprov.conf

Hi Experts!

I have an upgraded system currently on FreePBX 13.0.195. System has been running ok, but I know have an odd issue. This issue was not showing prior though there were some oddities.

I had endpoint (Grandstream 1450) that needed to me moved to a new extension. I created a new ext, moved the GS to that new account but it will not register. I have four (4) extensions/end points that have the same issue now. Four (4) are still connected which is really odd. They are all on the same network, all use CHAN_SIP (5060). I have a couple of errors in the logs but the one that stands out is “res_phoneprov.c: Unable to load config phoneprov.conf”.

The others seems to be specific to res_digium_phone but I have removed that module as a test.

Any help MUCH appreciated!



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