Can't add Extensions with Voicemail Enabled

Hello… it’s me. =P

I am having the oddest issue with a new system build:

PiAF Installed Version:
FreePBX Version: 13.0.73 1
Asterisk Version: 13.2.0
OS: CentOS 6.7

I can’t seem to add extensions when I enable Voicemail. The following error comes up in a dialog box:

symlink(): No such file or directory

You can press OK, and it looks like everything is fine. However, it erases the secret for the extension. Causing the extension to be useless. The rest stays intact.

However, if I disable the Voicemail for the extension, everything works as it should. The secret stays in place, and I can reload PBX through the GUI by pressing the red Apply Config button.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

When a voicemail box is created for extension 1000, a folder is created in the folder:


and a symlink to this folder is generated at:


There is something in the device folder that is conflicting. You need to manually clean things up.

Thanks for that reply, Lorne…

However, I don’t have anything in the voicemail folder. I did a ls command and it shows nothing. No default, or device folder. Any ideas? Perhaps permission errors?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Never mind, Lorne…

I created the default and device directory and did a fwconsole chown. It works now! Thanks for pointing in the right direction! :smiley:

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