Can't add a phone to FreePBX 13

ok has something changed in adding a Yealink phone to the FreePBX 13? I been trying for a few hours to add Yealink T41P, T27P, and T42G. I can’t get one to join. They works fine on FreePBX 12 I have so I must be missing something here.

How are you trying to add it? Please provide much more information

I am adding the phones the same I have with any other version. The phones do register after I reboot the PBX which I know is wrong. The phone will than work but this version all I have is issues getting the trunks to work not sure if its the internal firewall or Asterisk 13 but I can’t get my VoIP Innovation trunks to accept calls the PBX is rejecting them.

Adding Yealink phones are super simple. You have Label,Display name, Register name, User name, password, SIP server info. The user and register name are the extension number, password you make or user what it makes, SIP server info is the IP address. I see now there are 2 ways to make extension pjsip or sip not sure if that matters or not.