Can't activate in webGUI

Hello, I just setup the FreePBX distro and I can’t seem to activate in the webGUI. I get the error:

Activation Error!

Unable to display activation page. Error returned was:

Resolving timed out after 3516 milliseconds

I added and and to the resolv.conf file. That didn’t seem to help. I made sure was in the host file.

Also, when I ping from the CLI, the error I get is, ping: www_google_com: Name or service not known.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

I have no idea what is wrong, but you might try:

Can you ping If so, try setting up /etc/resolv.conf with only one line:
If that doesn’t help, use nslookup or dig to see whether DNS lookups outside of the resolver work.

If you can’t ping, what do more basic checks show (is output of route -n and ifconfig reasonable, etc.)?

If you still can’t resolve the issue, please post:
Cloud or on-site?
If cloud, which provider?
If on-site, on public IP or behind a NAT? Physical or virtual?
If behind a NAT, router/firewall make/model?
If virtual, virtualization platform and networking setup?
Connected to command line by (USB keyboard, serial port, SSH over LAN, SSH over internet, other)?

Added as the only nameserver. Didn’t do anything.
Can’t do nslookup says:connection timed out no servers could be reached.

Setup is onsite, running in VMware on a Win7 machine. Router is running pfsense with Snort IDS/IPS. Which I’ve already tried disabling the IDS/IPS didn’t do anything. I also made specific rules to pass DNS traffic, that didn’t do anything either. I’m connected to the machine using a keyboard.

Is the VM set up for bridged networking? If not, try that. The ifconfig command should show an IPv4 address in the same subnet as the Win7 host (use ipconfig at a Windows command prompt to check).

At this point, the VM either got its address from from the router by DHCP, or you manually configured a non-conflicting address for it.

Possibly, Windows Firewall is somehow involved (though implies otherwise) – see whether temporarily disabling it helps.

You could troubleshoot by running Wireshark on the Win7 host and attempting a DNS lookup on the guest. Does the request go out on the physical Ethernet interface? Does a response come in?

If the request goes out but there is no response, I would assume that pfsense is blocking one or the other and you can use its debug tools to find out why.

Does the pfsense router have a public IP address on it’s WAN interface? If not, please explain (ISP’s ‘modem’ is configured as a router, ISP does NAT, etc.)

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