Can't activate - fresh install

I’m running a fresh install of freepbx 10.13.66.
When I try to activate in the sysadmin module, it gave me back a red box msg, saying:

Activation Error!
Unable to display activation page. Error returned was:
name lookup timed out

I know that there are other topics related to this, but the solution was to change the primary DNS. I tried this with,, and other 4 DNSs, no one worked. I user nslookup to test some sites (like, all we’re ok.
I even updated all the modules in freepbx, justo to check if it was the problem, but it was not solved.

Please, someone can help me?

Try and restart apache after you have the DNS with

It did nto solve the problema.
Btw, it was already with this configuration. I even rebooted the machine.

Could you solve the problem? I’m having the same issues

Hi all,

I was not able to resolve the issue changing DNS nor deactivating IPv6 (as I have already read).
However, I could see DNS traffic pointing to I also could see good response from my interna DNS about Public IP, but same errror always. I have added line “” in /etc/hosts, and problem solved.


I am having same issue on one deployment.

Activation Error!

Unable to display activation page. Error returned was:

Resolving timed out after 3512 milliseconds

Also have other PBXs on same network range not having this issue.

I tried @rodmontiel solution and it worked out great.

Any ideas on why this is happening on Distro?

Use the new distro 12.x. Not 10.33

Is this version 12 enough?

PBX Firmware: 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7

Remove the entry from hosts file and then


Ping is working fine, To test, I clicked on the Update Activation button, “Updating now…” is hanging for a while, but it seems to resolve after a few minutes.

Dec 2019…
The DNS lookup code in the Activation module is just totally broken.

It seems to be looking for

Google will throw up 1 million hits for this, all with spurious answers that your DNS config is broken.
It’s totally not.
Command line pings to that name resolve just fine.
Nslookup to that name work just fine.
There’s nothing wrong with DNS.

There’s something broken with how the activation module queries DNS.

What works is to add an entry to the /etc/hosts file to bypass DNS.

There are obviously not a lot of people having this problem or there would be threads all over the forum talking about it. Rather there is this one thread which was quite old with ten posts and you reopened it.

There may not be anything specifically wrong with your DNS setup (though it would be good if you could provide some more details about it) but there’s something in your environment preventing it from working as it should.

I just launched a Distro and activated it. Worked fine, first try, no hacking.

You’ll need to dig around a bit more, perhaps doing a packet capture to see whether the DNS queries are going out when you attempt to do the activation.

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