Can't Access Voicemail

This whole phone system is new to me and I’m kinda getting the swing of it, but I’m clearly missing something here.

I’m finally able to get to the voicemail system (*97) but when I enter my password, it says it is invalid. I know I have the correct password and I even reset the password again on the set up page, but still it says wrong password.

I can however log into the website with the same password and check the messages online. However, I need to be able to set up the voicemail greetings, etc and don’t see a way to do that other than voicemail system on the phone.

Any suggestions?



What ar you using as an extension… softphone or ATA?.. need to set the DTMF mode correctly - on my Sipura SPA ATAs, I’ve got DTMF TX Method as Inband+Info and that works perfectly.

Thanks for that! I was having trouble connecting till I set the DTMF to ‘sip-info’ then VM worked and I could dial out!