Can't access Panel from inside our company's firewall

We use FreePBX as offered by CBeyond, most everything seems to work fine but I have never been able to get our client “Flash Operator Panel” to work from within our firewall. Once I click on panel I get the “Login details” screen. I enter a valid Extension and Password and then I simply get a message saying:

"One moment please

Connecting to server, attempt number: 1"

In the past the number used to increase but now it simply seems to be stuck at 1. I have enabled TCP port 4445 in our firewall and I have used different browsers, including IE 10 to no avail. In other places those were the issues that seemed to resolve the issue (opening TCP/4445 and using a different browser) but I am having no luck.
If I connect from a computer outside of the firewall I can connect just fine (using IE 9).

Any help as to what needs to be changed in our firewall or otherwise would be greatly appreciated!!!



Well, what do you know, right after posting this thread I asked myself, could it be IE 10? So I went to another computer inside our firewall that had IE 9, and guess what…it worked just fine!!! So it does seem to be IE 10 (…and Chrome and Firefox). Can anyone shed some light into what I might need to change in IE 10 to get the FOP to work? Or any other browser that I might be able to use?

Thank you again!!!