Canreinvite isn't working with my setup for some reason?

I need help with this. I have FreePBX and my main voip provider is I’m trying to use a soft phone remotely from my home, that will have an extension on my asterisk box, connect over the internet and place calls using my account. I was told in another forum that the point of SIP is that the call will connect direct from my softphone to that asterisk just “manages” the call instead of asterisk acting as it’s own voip provider that connects to an actual voip provider.

I was told I need canreinvite=yes to make this work but I have lots of issues. Under trunks, my voip provider I have canreinvite=yes. Under the extension I have yes there. Then I noticed under Asterisk SIP under FreePBX settings, there was a radio button that I changed from no to canreinvite yes. I’ve tried this over and over but no go. When I use wireshark it shows the call from my softphone on my remote laptop only talks to asterisk, it never talks to my voip provider. What am I doing wrong??

Does your voip provider support reinvites? Many don’t.

From what I’ve read does not support reinvites by default. You have to contact the support and ask them to turn reinvites on for your account. They were running into too many issues with it on by default.

I’ve read lots of issues about NAT not working well with reinvites. I believe Yes means reinvite if there is no NAT being used. It also uses Update according to what I read in the FreePBX help.