Canreinvite doesn't work between 2 phones in the same network

Hi. I’ve a Freepbx 2.10 with Asterisk 1.8.11 working very well with several SIP trunks and 160 phones.

Freepbx has a public address (secured by a firewall allowing only traffic versus sip trunks ips) and also a private address (

All my phones have an ip in the same net (

I’ve set extensions with canreinvite=yes
I’ve removed tr in dial options
I’ve installed Asterisk SIP Settings and then set these options:

NAT = yes (but same problems with nat=no)
REINVITE BEHAVIOR => YES (but same problems with nonat)

After all these mods if i listen to the network traffic i can see that phones don’t talk directly but there is always Asterisk in the path…

What was wrong?? With 160 phones i can’t have all internal calls charging my Asterisk… Many thanks. Peo

No one using this feature? You always have Asterisk in path for internal calls??


canreinvite= has largely been replaced by the improved directmedia= in the version of asterisk you are using. But if asterisk notices that there is any need to keep the rtp traffic, for example you are using inband dtmf or whatever then you will need to work around it.