Cannot upgrade to 10.13.66-14 from 10.13.66-13

I cannot successfully run the update wizard in system admin panel. Log displays:

2016-07-26 11:24:39: (10.13.66-14) Upgrade process successfully completed!

but refreshing the page and rebooting the system to not seem to apply the update properly. Still shows as can be upgrade from 10.13.66-13 to 10.13.66-14.

Try again - the initial version of the script had the “upgradeversion” variable set to 10.13.66-13 - a new one was uploaded about an hour ago with the correct 10.13.66-14 value.

Sorry just saw this. Ya their was a mistake in the file and it was fixed already when it was tested in QA. Sorry about that.

Thanks Matt, it works now.