Cannot upgrade freepbx 13 to 14

Here is a link to my result.html file. This isn’t the system that I’m trying to upgrade. This is just the only public web server I have. Give it a look see and let me know if you see anything that would help me get through this upgrade from 13 to 14. Thanks

The problem is the first ‘error’ result, which shouldn’t ACTUALLY be an error. Can you please run the following command on the machine you’re trying to upgrade, and paste the results? It sounds like you have the wrong preupgrade-assistant-el6toel7 rpm:

rpm -qa | grep preup


I see where you’re going with this. I just checked the upgrade instructions and the first line is different from the one in my notes. I’ve been using this line:

yum -y install

But on the upgrade page it says to use this line:

yum -y install

I don’t know how I got the wrong package listed in my notes. I’m going to start over and try again. Thanks for all your help!

Yep that was it. Thanks so much for the help!

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