Cannot Transfer After Picking Call up from Parking Lot

hmm for some reason I cannot transfer After Picking Call up from the Parking Lot?

does anyone know what could be causing this?

Ubuntu 10.04


Hoping a bump on this thread might get some answers as I am experiencing this problem both on an elastix box and AsteriskNOW box I have setup. I can transfer calls back and forth, forth and back but if the call comes from the parking lot it cannot be transferred and it would seem that no other dtmf tones are being processed by the system at that point.

Never was able to figure out what was causing it.

it may be related to some new settings in the parking lot which we don’t support in the GUI until 2.9.

Check the documentation for 1.6.2 that you are using, you may have to add it into the features_general_custom.conf file (or upgrade to 2.9).

A good old helping of RTFM has enlightened the solution to this issue. Adding the following entries to the features_general_custom.conf have enabled us to transfer and re-park calls:

parkedcalltransfers = caller
parkedcallreparking = caller

There are quite a few other options that can be configured but these made it work.