Cannot SSH by port forwarding

I can access locally (LAN) my FreePBX on port 22 SSH
I cannot access through router port forwarding from internet
Using a common SSH tool like Putty the login answer is the same:
"login as:"
Then I can log-in locally but not from internet using the same credentials instead, the answer is “wrong username or password”

This could be :
Wrong port forwarding target (some other machine than FreePBX is answering on port 22)
FreePBX is limiting someway packets coming from router LAN interface
How can I check this ??
Where is located SSH access log on CentOS ???
Thank you

My quick test is the nuclear option. Make sure there are no SSH rules then drop the system in the DMZ. This will tell you where to focus your attention. If you can access it on your LAN it is likely the firewall or you don’t have a default gateway set. Try “ping -c 4

Gateway is OK as I can do regular modules updates
Also I can manage pbx from internet via HTTP portforwarding.
SSH portforwarding seems to work as “something” answers to me “login as:” but probably it is not the pbx…
Do you know where SSH access/error logs are located ??

It was a wrong port redirection ip address
I found logs located at /var/log/secure in fact there was no access when something else was replying to me…