Cannot see contacts on Yealink phones

I have a Sangoma PBXAct device that runs on FreePBX. I have configured some Yealink T46u phones to auto-provision via FreePBX. Everything works fine, but I don’t see any contacts under the directory on Yealink phones. I also use the Sangomaconnect mobile app and I can see all the contacts in the application, I am only having problem viewing contacts on the Yealink phones.

I have a license for Endpoint manager and Phone Apps for FreePBX. I don’t know what configuration I need so that the Yealink phones can pull the phonebook from FreePBX. I have the directory as enabled in FreePBX and all contacts have Phone apps enabled in the settings, so I am not sure whats wrong here. Any lead would be appreciated.

Contacts work through Phone Apps…Phone Apps us only free for Sangoma phone’s. You have ti buy phone apps to get contacts on Yealink out of the box otherwise you need to do it manually…

You can create/use a PHP script to extract entries from your Contact Manager groups & present them as a formatted XML contact list to the Yealink handsets. You then configure the URL for your script to be a ‘Remote Phonebook’ on the handsets (or use the ‘basefile edit’ feature of EPM to push out the URL).

@sorvani has some examples & info regarding this practice which I personally found very helpful when initially setting up Yealink handsets with FreePBX for myself/clients. See link below;

I have bought the license for Phone Apps.

Yes I found this script when I was doing some digging in this. But the problem is, the PBXAct system only allows incoming request on https but the Yealink phones only sends it on http

This is most certainly not true.

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