Cannot Retrieve Parked Calls - Says No Call At Parked Extension

I have a very small FreePBX installation with only 10 extensions. As far as I can tell, every part of the system has been updated to the most current stable releases for all components.

All phones are Cisco SPA504Gs, some of which have the SPA500DS sidecar.

We have only one Parking Lot at x70 w/ three slots (71, 72, 73). All users/extensions are configured to use this group as their default. When a call comes in – doesn’t matter if it’s internal or external – and the user answers and then parks the call using *88, the system tells the user what slot the call was parked in. We have a BLF button configured for each of the slots using *8571, *8572 and *8573, but when anyone presses it, including the original recipient of the call, it just says there is no call on the parked extension.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Why are you doing *85xx. The button should just be xx like 71 for example. Not *8571

So, I don’t need the feature code at all for the BLF definition? Just the parking lot slot number? I’ve seen so many different pieces of information. Some say I need feature codes while others say I do not.

That is correct.

Thank you for the kind response. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.

This definitely resolved the issue. Thank you again!