Cannot reconnect my trunks after hard reset

If you are a massive call center then your accounts should be more than enough to cover the costs of operations. That is really the thing here. You’re trying to be as cheap as possible while trying to somehow deliver “enterprise” services to your call center accounts. That’s just not how this works.

Because now as this massive call center you are having issues with your calls which impact your accounts and work flow which in turn COSTS you money. No one ever really thinks about that. How much a cheap, unsupported service can cost them money when things go wrong. Providing tech support in the form of “Luck Support” (as in I’m lucky I haven’t had to do real support on this yet) is an awful way to approach things in a setup like this.

I don’t know in USA how it works but in Italy things are different, they give to me a budget let’s say 30.000 euro per year and I have to buy servers replacement, batteries for UPS, IP phones, workstations, printers, monitors, internet and voip provider etc etc I can’t say to my manager" hey I need 20.000 euro cause the provider is not so good, they will tell me, try a way to fix this and this is the END.
Before pjsip I have so much problems that I ended up virtualizing 4 different freepbx instance, one for each number, I wasted so much time and this was the only solution to have 4 numbers to the same IP. Now with pjsip It worked fine for 2 year from the beginning.

this is exactly what I was thinking, they told to me that from their point of view I’m an out of scope customer not because the size of the call center, but for the fact that I’m doing things internal and they usualy manage call centers through cloud things that I really dislike cause my company profile is so deep customized that is impossibile to manage with their standard cloud pbx. Anyway I have send to them the mismatch error, I will wait for a response. things are working fine from 2 days again but for sure this is not fixed until I will understand what happened and this is a terrible feeling.
thank you for your patience blaze, just tell me what you think about this

have a nice day

Multiple names can resolve to a single IP address for forward DNS lookups (Name to IP) but for reverse DNS lookups (IP to Name) an IP can only support one PTR (pointer) record for it. So it will only resolve to the name it was set to. This is not uncommon, just take a look at shared web hosting. Multiple domains pointing to a single IP but if you do an rDNS lookup on that IP it will generally return the hostname assigned to the server itself. Not one of the web sites hosted on it unless that web site has a static IP assigned to it.

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