Cannot receive Inbound caller ID while on the phone

Hello all,

While on the phone I cannot receive inbound CallerID information and if I hang up while the phone is ringing is there a way to immediately pick up the call without dialing a number to pick up from the call group?

Thanks in advanced.


are you using a ring group or queue?

I have everyone in ring group 1.

to my knowledge there is no way to pick up a call out of a ring group without dialing the call pick up group number. if you have an unused button on the phone, program that button to do the pick up.

Thanks for your quick reply. I assume inbound caller ID is out of the question, too, if the latter isn’t possible?

are you looking to see the inbound caller id on the phone? if yes, what kind of phone? iSymphony will show the inbound caller id on the screen of your computer.