Cannot re-order or delete files in a custom recording

Having the following issue with FreePBX

We “chain” multiple files in a custom recording to create an outbound IVR greeting.

For example, under System Recordings, the MainMenu entry consists of three recordings chained together. I needed to insert a fourth file in the third position. I got the file appended okay, but I could not move it up, nor could I move older recordings down, nor could I delete any recordings. This with Firefox 17.0.1 and a quick test with IE 8. I had to resort to direct editing of the SQL table to insert the recording.

Anyone else seeing this? Any known fix?


Mark Berry
MCB Systems

FreePBX Same problem. Firefox 20.0.1. Would love to be able to do this without pain, as advertised.

I had opportunity to test this again today, in

I was able to change from one recording to another, without modifying the sequence. But when I tried moving a recording up in the sequence, it didn’t work.

Mark Berry
MCB Systems

We just wrote a four line shell script that extracts the current database info for the recording, prints it out with numbers, and then asks for input to reorder the recordings by entering the numbers back.

Stupid, but functional for the amount of times we use it.

Nice workaround, Bitnetix. Fortunately I don’t do this often but others might benefit if you care to share that script (and if the comment editor will let you).

I am in the process of setting up a new pbx and making several changes to tweak the recordings.
Not being able to dlete the system/custom recordings is a real nuisance.
Is there any news on a fix?