Cannot Place Calls to cellphone on E1 (All circuits are busy now...)

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I have posted previously, problems getting ot get an E1 on a Sangoma card to work.

I am halfway there now, I can receive calls and make local calls.

To explain better, in Panama phones numbers for local calls (PSTN) are 7 digits and they work correctly. Cell phone calls (8 digits starting with a 6) do not go thru I get the message all circuits are busy now. It happens the same with any international calls. They Start with 00 and the country code+phone number

I do not think it is the dial plan because I tried different things and when it does not work I get a message "The call cannot be completed as dialed"nwhn I put a correct dial plan I get the “All circuits are busy now…”, error message.

I am attaching some info on my setup as well as a log file right after a full reboot, two calls to a local number that wnet trhu correclyt (2361111) and one to a cellphone (64501219) right after.

FreePBX all updates and module updates.

(Used a . wildcard to make every thing go thru)


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log.tgz (6.8 KB)

When it comes to PRI , there are a lot of options depending on your carrier, specifically for E1 your TON/NPI settings , if you refer to:-

You will see in the PRI section, references local, national and international prefixes that often need to be specifically set in your dahdi configuration.

I tried all of them and changed nothing.

I made the changes on the visual interface on the DAHDI settings


Guess you’ll have to debug,

pri set debug on span (span number)

Trouble is it will take you a while to ‘read’ it. I suggest you maybe get a local consultant who knows his way around a t-berd

You need to contact your E1 provider and ask them to give you all the technical configuration details of the service you have, including expected dialling patterns.

^ this. Also, like @dicko said, it’d be good to see the output of ‘pri set debug on span x’ (where x is the span in question) of the same test calls you originally used. I’d also be interested in seeing an inbound cell phone call trace as well (with the pri debug) to see if that gives a clue as to what NPI/TON info is set in that case to try to match it for outbound calls.

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