Cannot Park calls with a AAstra 57i

I just installed this system at my office. I finally figured out the Endpoint manager (I think). I have the keys programmed as I want except for a button that will park a SIP trunk call. I can transfer to 70 and the call will actually park. I have tried just about all the different options within the Endpoint Manager. Am I missing something? I have the latest Endpoint Manager and FreePbx. Can anyone help me out here?



I would not use the endpoint manager with your Aastra’s. The XML scripts take care of all this for you. They are provided with the distro ‘yum install aastra*’ delete your entire tftpboot before running setup-aastraxml. By all means read the Aastra XML admin manual.-

Thanks for responding. Can you suggest where I can read up on what you are suggesting? Are there similar scripts for other phone makers? I am thinking about putting together systems to sell and service and I want them to be easy to manage.


The Park feature built into Aastra phones doesn’t work properly with Asterisk. Disable it. Create a Xfer softkey called “Park” that points to 70, and a BLF/Xfer key that points to 71.

I programmed a Softkey in the phone GUI in the Top Keys. The only key type I have in the dropdown is Speeddial/XFR. I set its value as 70 and I have several BLF keys (Also in the Top section) set to 71,72, …

The maddening thing is that I have this working on one phone and not another at this point. Both phones were defaulted to factory and are running the same version of firmware.

Just for my own info, I thought that the Aastra phones were properly setup for Asterisk. Not the case then?

Thanks for your help