Cannot make internal calls between extension


I’m newbie to FreePBX.

My system details:

  • Rasperry PI 3+
  • OS: raspbx
  • NO trunks at all.
  • FreePBX Version is
  • All modules were upgraded.
  • General SIP Settings: External Address=(my external IP Address), Local Network=(
  • CHAN SIP Settings: NAT=Route, IP Config=Dynamic IP, Dynamic Host=(mysite on NO-IP)
  • 2 CHAN_SIP Extensions: numbers 4 and 5.
  • 2 Android mobile phones running CSipSimple app that were successfully registered to my FreePBX for the respectful extensions.

When I try to make a call on the CSipSimple app from extension 4 to extension 5 (or vise versa) the following happens:

  1. The keypad is hidden for a very short while as if a call is initiated.
  2. The keypad appears again call is made.

Diagnostic information:

The Event Log:

The Astrisk Log:

It seems your extensions are not configured correctly, as it is bbeing detected as an anonymous connection.

Thanks for the prompt response and for drawing my attention to the “anonymous” line.
At that line I noticed that it is not only anonymous but “PJSIP/anonymous”.

Using this information I managed to resolve the problem.

Initially, I defined the extensions as CHAN_SIP and on the CSipSimple application I defined the account to use it’s respective port (5160), but as the log shows it is using PJSIP.

To fix the problem, I changed the extension to be PJSIP type and the port on the CSipSimple to be 5060.

Thanks again.

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