Cannot login


As most others posting here, I have a Problem too :-).

The day before yesterday I installed fpbx 2.9 and upgraded it to 2.10.1 (a direct installation of 2.10 did not work)
The next day I could’nt login anymore.
As I was’nt sure whether I made something wrong, I downloaded version 2.11 and upgraded to it.
After the upgrade, I was able to login again !

The next morning the same, I could not login again !

So I made a fresh installation (incl. databases) of fpbx 2.9 and upgraded to 2.10.1
The whole day everthing worked fine.
I configured it and was able to call out and in and send and receive faxes.
I also could restart amportal several times and was still able to access the webpage.

But Overnight something has changed, I am not able to login anymore !
I have’nt changed anything with freepbx in the meantime !!!

Here is what happens when trying to connect freepbx:

My system:

CentOS release 5.8
asterisk 1.8.13
FreePBX 2.9 upgraded to 2.10.1
FreePBX is running as virtual host with AssignUserId asterisk asterisk
Browser: firefox

Restarting amportal is ok and shows:

Permissions OK
Asterisk Started
FOP Server Started

connecting http:// shows:

Voicemail & Recordings (ARI) Flash Operator Panel (FOP) FreePBX Administration

after selecting “FreePBX Administration” ( and login:

/var/log/asterisk/freepbx_debug.log shows:

2013-Jan-10 12:04:55 /var/www/freepbx/admin/views/footer_content.php:31
[NOTICE]: Undefined variable: module_name

2013-Jan-10 12:04:55 /var/www/freepbx/admin/views/footer.php:72
[NOTICE]: Undefined variable: reload_needed

apache log shows: - admin [10/Jan/2013:15:16:20 +0100] "POST /admin/config.php HTTP/1.1" 200 4812 - - [10/Jan/2013:15:16:21 +0100] "GET /admin/assets/css/mstyle_autogen_1357742670.css?load_version= HTTP/1.1" 304 - - - [10/Jan/2013:15:16:21 +0100] "GET /admin/assets/js/pbxlib.js?load_version= HTTP/1.1" 304 -

apache error log shows nothing

freepbx.log shows nothing

I commented out the functions concerning lines 31/72 in footer_content.php and footer.php

and nothing changed but debug.log now did’nt show a problem.

##After this I changed the following values in amportal.conf + asterisk db:

Nothing changed but apache log now shows: - admin [10/Jan/2013:16:50:44 +0100] “POST /admin/config.php HTTP/1.1” 200 5212 - - [10/Jan/2013:16:50:44 +0100] “GET /admin/assets/css/mainstyle.css?load_version= HTTP/1.1” 200 7591 - - [10/Jan/2013:16:50:44 +0100] “GET /admin/assets/css/jquery-ui.css?load_version= HTTP/1.1” 200 33849 - - [10/Jan/2013:16:50:44 +0100] “GET /admin/images/freepbx_small.png?load_version= HTTP/1.1” 200 7814 - - [10/Jan/2013:16:50:44 +0100] “GET /admin/assets/js/pbxlib.js?load_version= HTTP/1.1” 200 26759

This is a very strange behavior and I hope there is someone who can help me.

Thank you !