Cannot Login to portal from differnet subnet

I setup two freepbx machines with no problem, but now that I am setting up backup machines, and cannot log into the web interface. I can connect to the command lind locally or via putty with no problem.

I set the machines up in subnet When done I made sure the machine is still using DHCP. Then I moved it to and ifconfig to get the IP address.

when it is one the 2nd subnet I cannot log in to the management portal from any other PC. I take the machine back to the lab and it logs in automatically, like my browser remembers the credentials, but no other machine can open this web session.

What am I missing here? Thanks!

CentOS 6.2
Asterisk 10.11

First off, I suggest you never use DHCP to get an IP address for any server, your problem is in your routing and nothing to do with FreePBX when it comes to your http GUI login.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I used DHCP to set the Static IP in the FPBX GUI in the lab, then set it back to DHCP to deploy it on another subnet. But since I couldn’t log in to the GUI in the second subnet, I set it by editing the ifcfg-eth0 file. I can log into Linux at that IP with Putty, I can reach the admin login page, but it seems like I forgot my password. Then back in the lab, logging in with that password is no issue. I do have routing and DNS issues over the VPNs, but am wondering how the user & p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d problem is related to that. Thanks again.

I am not sure what really happened here, but I had changed the admin password after the initial install. The new password is the problem. In looking at amportal.conf, the orginal password I used on install was in place. The new password works on the IP address and the old one when I use the host name. I’m so confused.

The password used to login to the FreePBX is stored in the database not amportal.conf.

Second amportal.conf hasn’t been used since 2.8 I think when all settings were moved to DB except DB credentials that are in FreePBX.conf.