Cannot login to admin

I’m probably in way over my head, but for the past year I have had no problems with FreePBX. Today I went to login so that I could run the updates that were available and cannot get logged in.

I get “Invalid Username or Password” when trying to login to the FreePBX Administration option at

I can login to any of the user accounts including the master account, and have no problem accessing the root via FTP (which I use to download recordings each month).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

I would look at your logs and make sure you haven’t been compromised. When an attacker gains access to a system one of the firs steps is to change the admin password so others won’t spoil their fun. Maybe less paranoid make sure anyone who had access to the machine didn’t change the password.

Clean install I am afraid.
You may be able to tell by the logs in /etc/httpd/

Thanks for the tip James. So I see a bunch of activity last night and this morning that obviously wasn’t me and there is nobody else that has this information. Assuming I’ve been hacked is there a guide somewhere to fix it?

I was afraid of that. Thanks for the help James!