Cannot leave voice mail from internal extension but can from outside

FreePBX hosted in the cloud. Yealink T58 video phones with cameras.

When i call from an an internal extension on on a Yealink to another extension on a Yealink, it plays the user’s “unavailable” greeting, but it never plays the instructions nor the tone. It also does not hang up, just dead air after playing the user’s unavailable greeting.

I also have Bria soft phone app on my iPhone. If I register the same extension to that, then when I call another internal extension, the voice mail works normally. I get the unavailable greeting, then instructions, then the tone.

We have also set an inbound route for a DID to go straight to a user voice mail box. That works fine.

It is only when calling from an internal extensions that we have this issue. And we hear the “greeting” okay, but nothing after that. When the caller hangs up, no voice mail is left in recipient’s vm box.

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The freepbx pastebin is down so use something else like

I discovered today that if the caller presses “#” during or after the unavailable greeting plays, then a tone is played, and the caller can successfully leave the voice mail for the recipient.

But if the caller does not press #, the call stays active, until the caller either hangs up, or does press # at which time the tone plays and the vm can be left.

Working on getting logs from both scenarios.

Further experimenting today. We have learned that if a user has recorded his/her busy greetings with a video call, then the greeting play with (very slow refresh rate) video. And after the audio greeting plays, if you wait 60 seconds then instructions play, tone plays, and caller can then leave the voice mail This will be a voice mail with video.

We also have learned that the Yealink T58W’s have a setting Where video can be either “Disabled”, “Optional” or “Video First”. In the phone’s web GUI this is under Settings->Video.

We originally had this to “Video First”. We have changed it to “Optional”. Now, with that set to “optional” when a user dials another extension number, there are two green “send” buttons displaying. One is a picture of a phone handset (this places an audio only call). And another green button is a picture of a video camera, and that button will send a video call.

If the “video” call is answered by the callee, then 2-way video shows. The problem is when the video call is NOT answered. Then goes to voice mail. The caller sees a (poor quality, low refresh rate) video. And hears the callee’s unavailable greeting. Then hears silence for 60 seconds. After that the voice mail instructions play and the tone plays, and the caller can leave the (video) voice mail.

We are replacing a system that used Cisco 8865 video phones with the MPPP firmware. With that system, extension-to-extension calls are video enabled. But if the call rolls to voice mail, the voice mails and the VM greetings are audio only. We would like for the new system to work the same way. But that seems impossible with FreePBX.

I am sure there are few FreePBX users, using video phones. Our vendor has indicated they would open a ticket with Sangoma. But in the meantime, if there are any available work-arounds, I would love to hear about them.

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