Cannot install Time Conditions 13.0.25 Module

I maintain two FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-9 systems. One system(system 1) is built from FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-6 ISO and the other, system 2, is upgraded from a 6.12.64-XX version.

System 1 had no issues installing tonight’s latest module updates as Call Event Logging is installed but is disable. (I am reminded every time that CEL is disabled and I cannot disable/delete this notification. Always reappears). In Module Admin in system 1, I can neither remove, uninstall or do anything with CEL unless of course I upgrade my Asterisk version. I am happy with the current version of Asterisk.

System 2, I cannot update Time Conditions unless I upgrade/enable Call Event Logging, which is "Not Installed But Available Online 13.0.20. If I try to upgrade, it goes through the motions but can’t install because it needs Asterisk >12.

So, am I screwed being able to update my Time Conditions module on my System 2? Seems as though it should be uniform in that it ought to install and then disable itself so other modules can install OR is it necessary for Time Conditions?

Any way to fix this issue?



Remove cel completely from your system. You can do this using the remove or delete option. If that’s not in the gui then do it through the cli. If that doesn’t work then remove the directory for cel under /var/www/html/admin/modules

Once it’s remove it may say broken. You can then uninstall.

Now you can download cel and install it. It will work and allow you to install on asterisk 11

Then you can install time conditions.

Thanks Andrew! Just removing or deleting under Module Admin didn’t do the trick but after that, deleting the cel directory, rechecking and installing fixed the issue.

Thanks again,

The message I get is that I need to update cel module but I dont see where to do that in the module admin. I don’t see a cel module to update or install.

It’s called “call recording reports”

Can be installed through the cli:

fwconsole ma download cel
fwconsole ma install cel

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