Cannot install MOH module

Hi friends,
i have a problem to install the MOH module.
by using the module admin,
i try to install the MOH.
but i received this :

after that, i try to rename the folder to “music1”,
new error occur.

but i cant delete the music folder because there are no music folder.

i need the advice.

thank you.

You look to be using a very old version of FreePBX on a Pike Warp Appliance?

You need to tell us about your system (please read the post “read before posting”) or nobody can help.

sorry, forgot to mention.
i’m using the PIKA WARP V1.
currently this module using freepbx 2.7 and asterisk 1.4.

Yes, and both of those are end of life and end of support.

Sorry. I also don’t know what the upgrade path is for the Warp Appliance.

If I was you I would just copy your 8Khz/mono wave files to the moh directory referenced in etc/asterisk/moh.conf, set the file ownership and configure the Asterisk MOH by hand in the conf file they don’t touch the FreePBX MOH module.

can u guide me how to do it?
how to set the ownership?

man scp
man chown
man chmod

Google is also your friend. I can’t teach you in a forum how to copy files and stuff.