Cannot get System to work

I’m very new to this and trying to get Free PBX to work
I have asteerisknow with Free PBX setup on a Machine with a Netgear DG834G v3 ADSL router Modem and 4 Grandstream Budge Tone -100 Phones. i have connected them up setup Ip adresses and acoounts on the Free PBX widow remotley, but cannot get the phones to work. I have checked on the phones that they have picked up the adresses correctly but still no joy. Any advice appreciated. i havent run them to the www yet just trying to communicate between the handsets. Thanks for good forum.

Have the phones registered? Have you fully configured the handsets. Just getting the IP address is not enough.


If this is a new install you might consider dumping AsteriakNow and load up one of the fine FreePBX distros from this site. Digium did not do a very good job of setting up FreePBX GUI for AsteriskNow.

thanks for help. reinstalled Astericknow Free PBX. Used different Netgear Router, found out how to configure the handsets and hey presto got it working. How secure is the system against hackers? As the system my friend has has an inner and outer network. so we as we now have working system can (with the default passwords changed i will have to figure that one out) how to make phone system secure?

I am having the same problems I guess. I am a newbee and trying to hook up my grandstream phones. They will not register. I had them hooked up to 3cx and all was fine, but no luck with distro. Does anyone have any idea on what I should check or do to get my phones to register? Thank you in advance.

(it is nothing to do with luck :wink: )