Cannot get Snom M3 extension to pickup analog trunk for dialtone

Have FreePBX running with Sangoma A200 FXO with 6 ports connected to legacy PBX extension ports, each port is dedicated to one VOIP extension.
I have Snom M3 connected to system and tied it to the FXO port with inbound and outbound routes.
I can receive calls on the M3 from the PBX and outside world via PBX.
I cannot get the outbound route to pick up the line to dial out.
I want it to pick up the line when I hear a dial tone on the M3.
The only way I can get it to sort of work was to put a 1 in the match pattern, then when I pick up the extension wait for a dial tone, dial a 1 it will ring (watching the voltage in wanpipemon it goes down to 6-8volts) then I hear silence - if I dial the rest of the number of any of the PBX extensions that begin with a 1 the call completes.
How do I get the M3 to take the trunk off hook? So I can dial any 3 and 4 digit extensions on the PBX and dial a 9 for an outside line etc.
If I put a . in the match pattern I can dial any of the numbers wanted but I have put in the first number wait for the ringing to stop (voltage shows the line is picked up )then put in the rest of the number then it works.