Cannot get Outbound Route with Prefix working

I’m trying to set up an Outbound Route where a specific trunk will be used when the caller dials a 9 before the phone number.

I have this dial pattern set in my outbound route, but it does not seem to work:
Prepend: 1
Prefix: 9
Match Pattern: NXXNXXXXXX

For example, if I dial 95554443333, it does not match the outbound route for some reason.

I was doing some digging through the configuration and found a Custom Destination that I think is what is affecting this:

Vanity Numbers (NXXNXXXXXX…)
This will truncate numbers over 10 digits.

This was put in place to fix issues when people would dial numbers like 1-800-CALL-USNOW.
Dialing these numbers would fail when the full number was sent to the SIP Trunk.

Is there a way to fix this where truncating the outbound number to 10 digits happens after the Outbound Route dial pattern matching instead of before when using a Custom Destination like above?

If you need only one such prefix, use 0 and it won’t conflict.

Otherwise, please describe the application.

@Stewart1 I’d like the prefix to be “9”, but I’d also like to be able to truncate outgoing calls through the SIP Trunk to 10 digits for domestic calls since the SIP Trunk can’t handle more than 10 digit numbers.

Some companies have vanity phone numbers with more than 10 digits (where digits > 10 are just ignored), but in my case, my SIP Trunk doesn’t like getting more than 10 digits so the call fails.

Ifd you prepend one digit (any digit) but the callerid is represented correctly by the next ten digits then


should do the trick.

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