Cannot get inbound PSTN calls to route to SIP Phones

Hi All,

I am very new to Freepbx. I have a freepbx distro

PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-5
PBX Service Pack:

For the life of me I cannot get incoming PSTN calls to ring on SIP phones. Is there something extra I have to do when setting up the extensions?. I have two FXO ports and two FXS ports. The extensions on the FXS ports operate perfectly, but the IP phones will only call out via VOIP.

As I said, bit of a newb when it comes to this, so please be gentle.

You didn’t tell us how the FXO ports are connected.

Have you read the wiki on trunks and routes?

If you are using an interface card that uses DAHDI drivers suggest you use the DAHDI module to set those ports up.

Thanks for replying SkykingOH

I have set up all the ports in the DAHDI module. The FXO’s are connected to POTS lines. I can receive calls through them straight to the FXS connected regular phones (albeit 6 seconds after the line rings - another question in that itself) But when I add an extension such as a SIP phone that I have into the ring group it just doesn’t ring at all. The IP Phones that I have are CP-7941G’s and Freepbx says that the IP phones are online. I can make SIP outbound calls without issue on these phones, but cannot receive anything, be it PSTN calls or SIP direct. My VOIP provider is engin and I used to be able to call this number from any service without issue.