Cannot forward voicemail after upgrading to from


Everything has been fine with ARI interface. We were able to forward voicemail from one extension to another without a problem. After upgrading to core with we can no longer forward voicemail. I checked permissions on /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default and the ownership for each extension is correct it is ‘asterisk’. Is there a setting that got overridden in



Check can you provide some more info please.

I have the latest and don’t have a issue as you describe it. Can you check the VM Context for your extensions. You will find this in each extension 2nd from the bottom. They shoud be set to default unless you changed them, if that is the case what is the new vm context and are they all the same?

There was a bug with the VM Context via the ARI that was fixed within the last month or so. The way the voicemail works if you call in is that only members of the same VM Context can forward messages to each other. You can’t forward out of your VM Context. Te ARI code has been broken in this regard for a long time allowing you to forward to any phone without regard to the settings of the VM Context.

there was a bug fix in the ARI, but I didn’t think it got back ported to 2.4, where the ARI was allowing forwarding despite context and was changed to work like Asterisk does and isolate the contexts so as to be consistent. Maybe that got backported?

It was back ported via changeset [6323]. I just verified that it works like it “should” in my production box using

After a little more testing I noticed that the behavior is different. The voicemails do get forwarded but the original message does not get deleted (cleared from the box you forwarded from). Sorry for the confusion. This just might be a setting perhaps?



hehe, ok along the same likes and was either the bug reported before or after the one I just talked about but fixed in the same code changes.

Again it was a bug fix adjustment to the broken ARI code to match the voicemail system. If you call in and forward a message you don’t loose the message, you send a copy to the person you are forwarding it to. The ARI was was actually moving the message which is wrong.

Two examples:
You want to forward a voicemail from a client who is asking two questions. One you can answer the other you can’t so want a copy sent to the person who can address that issue.

You get a voicemail message and need to forward it to several people because…

In either situation using the ARI the way it was in and earlier would not work because the original message is gone after the forward.

So this is normal behavior then? Not deleting the message after a forward?



yes that is how it should work. If you think about it, It should work just like a e-mail system which does not delete a message with you forward one either…

It would be nice if it was configurable. When I forward an email I can forward the email and it is deleted from my inbox or I can forward a copy as this is doing.