Cannot flash-hook transfer

just upgraded to trixbox 1.1 with freepbx 2.1.1 from an older version of [email protected] (which used AMP). Seems to be working fine, but a flash hook transfer doesn’t work. When you push flash, it simply hangs up on the caller. Also, 3-way calling doesn’t seem to work, either. Both are set to “yes” in zapata.conf. I have also enabled the atxfer in features.conf, but it doesn’t work like we want either.
In the version of [email protected] that we had, if Caller “A” dialed into the system, the “Receptionist” could push flash, dial Reciever “Fred”, tell him he had a call, and hang up. The call would transfer. ALSO, instead of hanging up, if she pushed flash again, all THREE would be able to talk to each other. How do you enable this in trixbox/freepbx!? Is this a freepbx issue, or is the problem in the assembly of trixbox?